Frankrike | Remy Cointreau | 249 kr/l | 17% | Varunr: 10778

Passoã, eller Passoã Passion Drink som det fullständiga namnet lyder, är en likör som är baserad på fruktjuicen av passionsfrukten "Maracuja". Denna frukt kommer ursprungligen ifrån Sydamerika, där den upptäcktes av spanska kolonisatörer. Numera odlas frukten över stora delar av världen.

Hit till Sverige nådde Passoã 1996, efter en lyckad lansering på sydligare breddgrader i Frankrike, Holland, Belgien och Spanien. Vi svenskar tog snabbt den fruktiga likören till oss, och sedan dess har Passoã Passion Drink varit ganska given i barer runt om i landet. 

Passoã serveras lämpligen väl kyld ren som den är, eller som drinkingrediens. Ett enkelt tips är att blanda den med apelsinjuice, vilket man ofta redan har stående hemma. På senare tid, 2004 närmare bestämt, följdes originalet upp av två nya smaker Passoã Melon Cactus och Passoã Spicy Mango.


Serveras kyld som drinkingrediens eller till glassdesserter med frukt.


Oklar, korall- och orangeröd färg.


Söt, frisk smak av passionsfrukt och blodapelsin. Liten angenäm bitterhet i eftersmaken.


Frisk doft av passionsfrukt och citrus.


700 ml - 174 kr
350 ml - 105 kr

Drinkar med Passoã

Några passande drinkrecept på Passoã: Absolut Passion, Summerheat, Vanilla Passion, Philippa, Puss, Ettan, Camelon, Mango Razz, Beachfloat, Bonka Bäver, Mel C, Mango Tango

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Tanbnk skrev sndagen den 7 februari 2021, kl 12:16

3 typically seen Mistakes

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picture personals

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3 strategies for writing articles material That forces you to products sold

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rule 1 keep it buyer based every thing you Like does not matter

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technique 2 put up for sale beneficial properties, not likely features

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how to find A Girlfriend

Women love to go parks. You can change your working arrangements and go to park to meet new women. if you are able, You should go to your nearby parks every morning.

You don't need to approach every woman you observe. You just need to go there, Do some exercises and have fun.

If someone seems in to you, Then start a moldova dating discussion with her. Remember that there are numerous features single women out there. The divorce rate is moderately over 50 percent. So if a woman doesn't remedy you or treat you badly, you mustn't take it personally. There are all women are available, extremely.

Most of you moldova girls do not ever go to libraries to pick up women. let me tell you, Libraries are great places to meet a new woman. you have to to be a member of any library in your area or go to national libraries.

This is the most obvious place to get a girlfriend. If you prefer to get a girlfriend at your local bar, you should appear as an alpha male. usually, Average guys are not so flourishing in getting a girlfriend at bars.

online dating services are very popular these days to meet new people and make new friends. programs a low investment way to meet women.

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